Parent FAQ

What is a Sorority?

A sorority is a Greek organization that brings women together via a set of core values. A sorority provides lifelong friendships and opportunities which foster social, intellectual, and spiritual development. A sorority brings women together to positively impact the community and each other.

Will Joining a Sorority Affect My Daughter's Grades?

Most sororities have mandatory study hour sessions with GPA requirements. The Gamma Delta chapter of Sigma Kappa has a minimum GPA requirement for prospective new members, as well as for initiated members to stay active. Being in a sorority, your daughter will always have a sister to help her reach her full potential and encourage her in her studies

How do Sorority Members get Involved on Campus?

Every sorority member has the opportunity to get involved and meet new people on- and off-campus. The Sigma Kappa chapter at Thiel attends other fraternities' and sororities' events, participates in Greek Week, and teams up with other chapters on campus to make floats for the homecoming parade.

How Will Becoming a Member Benefit my Child After College?

After college, your daughter will have gained lifelong memories, friendships, and connections that will last for the rest of her life. She will have many networking opportunities as well; Sigma Kappa alumnae go on to hold accomplished careers while still maintaining contact with their chapters, which provides active members with a support system of real-world mentors. Greek life is also a fantastic resumé booster, as sisters are able to foster leadership and teamwork skills by getting involved with service projects, social planning, and executive council positions. After graduation, your daughter will also have the opportunity to join an alumni chapter to remain involved after her collegiate experience. 

What is the Chapter's Hazing Policy?

The Sigma Kappa chapter - as well as all sororities and fraternities on Thiel's campus - has a strict "No Hazing" policy. If the chapter is found to be in violation of this policy, disciplinary actions will be taken.

What is my Role as a Parent?

As a parent, be supportive of your daughter! Adjusting to college and getting involved on campus can be a scary experience. Encourage her in any way that you can. Be sure that your daughter knows her obligations for finances. Lastly, be involved! Once a year, our chapter hosts a Mothers' Tea as well as a Father-Daughter Cookout.